Water Damage Restoration Hollywood Florida


The city of Hollywood, Florida was founded as a filming center and thus the similarity in name from the famous filming center in California. Over the years, this city has grown immensely and is today the twelfth largest city in Florida in terms of population size. Hollywood beach provides a great opportunity to enjoy time outdoors. The prevalent hot and humid weather conditions coupled with large periods of soothing sunshine only work to further increase the appeal of spending time outdoors. However, on the flip side, high humidity levels, and flooding cases mean that many homeowners in this coastal city have to regularly deal with water damage restoration at home.


Water Damage Restoration


High humidity and flooding around coastal areas exposes homes to water damage and hence the need for water damage restoration. It is important as a homeowner or building manager to have an idea of what water damage means for your carpets and upholstery and the steps that should be taken to restore them into pre-damage state.


First and foremost it is important to note that water damage is caused by excess humidity and/or flooding. When these cause dampness in the carpets or upholstery in your home be prepared for bad odors as well as mold and mildew growth. It is important to note that it only takes about 12 hours for bacteria and mold to begin growing on the affected carpets and upholstery. This means that water damage restoration should be done as soon as possible.


With the growth of bacteria and mold, bad odors develop as well as a variety of health hazards, which make your home uninhabitable. It is, therefore, vital to act swiftly when water damage occurs before the harmful effects of the same set in and render your home inhabitable.


There are three types of water damage considered in water damage restoration i.e. sanitary, unsanitary and black water damage. The first two cases can be sorted out through water damage restoration while the last case, black water damage means that all affected carpets and upholstery should be removed and disposed of due to health concerns.


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All affected carpets and upholstery items should be treated as soon as possible to avoid the growth of mildew and mold. However, in this endeavor it is important to remember that water damage voids your carpet warranty in most cases; hence the carpet should be dealt with carefully as any damage during water damage restoration will not be covered by the now voided warranty. Hiring qualified carpet cleaners for this job is the most logical step in ensuring that only the best results are achieved.


At Carpet Cleaning Hollywood Florida, we have what it takes to successfully complete water damage restoration jobs using state of the art equipment and cleaning techniques and the skills of our highly trained cleaning technicians. Contact us today to get a detailed description of how we can make your home safe and habitable after the occurrence of water damage.


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